Nell has been a valued asset to print, radio, and broadcast media for over 10 years, providing a fresh perspective and timely, relevant commentary on a broad range of subjects.

Her advice has been featured in numerous entertainment and news outlets, including CNN, CNBC, HLN, Entertainment Tonight, The Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, TimeOut New York, Glamour, and many more.

Nell provides unique viewpoints and thoroughly researched commentary that's compelling, relatable, and always entertaining.

About Nell

Nell Daly is a highly trained, pioneering, holistic psychotherapist, journalist, TV commentator and mother of three children.

Her single most important mission; teaching people cutting edge mental health protocols and improving patient care by revamping traditional, conventional treatments which include openly questioning the use of many psychiatric medications on people who are depressed or anxious.

Nell is the host of Unscripted, a Point Zero Studios production where she engages in conversations -- sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious --- with some of the biggest thought leaders and scientists around the world on all things health related. The study of human consciousness, evidence-based functional medicine, and how psycho-spiritual practices are used to help people live better lives is of particular interest to her and her listeners.

Thanks to her dual background in journalism and mental health, Nell has been described as “one of the most relatable, well informed, and innovative women in mental health" by producers at Fox News, Nell's real world girl- next-door advice has won her a stellar reputation in the business for bringing a unique mix of thoughtful, well-researched, and provocative insights to a wide range of topics. Her work has been featured in major publications such as Elle, Self, Parents and Time Out New York. She has written for The Huffington Post, The Imperfect Parent, and you can catch her regularly on national television outlets like CNN, Fox, CNBC, and HLN. She reaches, through television, radio, print, and podcasts between 9 and 19 million people a month.

Nell is an alum of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She is a graduate of Columbia University’s Master of Fine Arts Program in non-fiction creative writing. And in 2007, she obtained a second master’s degree in Social Work from New York University, while teaching in the School of Education from 2004-2006. She has post-graduate training in reproductive psychiatry from Weill Cornell’s Post-Graduate Medical School, has attended Harvard University and she has completed psychoanalytic training from the esteemed Washington Square Institute in New York City.

Nell Daly

Unscripted with Nell Daly

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Unscripted with Nell Daly

One on One

Stop Heroin

One on One | A former heroin addict and patient tells her side of the story.

A moving one hour interview between myself and a former heroin addict.  It's about her journey, her sobriety, and our relationship.  It's for anyone who is struggling with addiction or is having a hard time because someone they love is. 

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Kitty Hatcher

Kitty Hatcher

Astrology 101

Kitty Hatcher | Astrology 101 with Kitty Hatcher

Have you ever been curious about the metaphysical practice but turned your nose up? I was just like you, until I met Kitty. Are our lives ruled by the planetary system to some extent? A renown astrologer schools us on the basics.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Alicia Cook.

Alicia Cook

Heroin and Pill Addiction

Alicia Cook | What Heroin and Pill Addiction is Doing to American Families

Do you know someone addicted to pills? What psychiatric and pain medications are doing to American families and how they are contributing to the heroine epidemic with Alicia Cook.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Ian Kerner.

Ian Kerner

An Interview with Sex and Couples Therapist Ian Kerner

Ian Kerner | Have You Stopped Having Sex in Your Relationship and Don't Know What to Do?

Ian Kerner wrote the bestselling book She Comes First; A Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. We give practical tips for couples who are having intimacy issues and who are looking to improve their sex lives.  Ian also explains the difference between responsive desire and spontaneous desire and intercourse and outercourse. 

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring T Love.

T Love

How to Cope with Thanksgiving When You Miss Someone

T Love | How to Cope with Thanksgiving When You Miss Someone

Some tips to coping with Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays if you're in the midst of a hard time or you're missing someone you've loved and lost. And, a story of inspiration and love.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Carrie Anne Moss.

Carrie Anne Moss

Fierce Grace and Living with Intention

Carrie Anne Moss | Actress Carrie Anne Moss Talks Fierce Grace and Living with Intention by Using Intuition

The former Matrix star and I have an in-depth discussion about how and why she birthed her online community Annapurna Living into the world; a place where women can go to explore their spiritual and creative sides with Carrie Anne herself. 

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Vincent Pugliese.

Vincent Pugliese

Coping with Financial Shame

Vincent Pugliese | Coping with Financial Shame & Tips for Getting Out of Debt Quickly With Vincent Pugliese

Financial stress and its cousin shame, take a massive toll on us physically and emotionally and distracts us from connecting with friends and family, especially children. Vincent's message is this; anyone can live debt free and learn to make good money. You don't have to buy into the system. You need to get creative, develop a side hustle and put in the time.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Derek O'Neill.

Derek O'Neill

Interview With Derek O'Neill

Derek O'Neill | A-List Therapist & Intuit Derek O'Neill Reveals a Few Secrets

World renowned therapist Derek O'Neill, an Irishman, gets up close and personal revealing how he survived a painful childhood, the loss of his wife and how all of those experiences get channeled into the incredible intuitive healing work he does today.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Robert Williams.

Robert Williams

Interview With Robert Williams

Robert Williams | A Raw Discussion on Love, God, and How One Find's the Courage to Live Out Their Soul's Purpose with Robert Williams

If you're waking up, this one is for you. Tech innovator, spiritual thinker and former Beach Boys band member Robert Williams opens up and tells me his life story, a story filled with "otherness" and loneliness but also connection to nature and the power of intuition. How did his gifts change his path and how does he plan to change yours?

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Pascale Naessens.

Pascale Naessens

Interview With Pascale Naessens

Pascale Naessens | Exactly What to Eat for Weight Loss and Your Mental Health

Twenty million women suffer with eating disorders in the United States alone. Pascale Naessens, a former super model, was one of them. On today's warm hearted episode of Unscripted, she tells us how she conquered her food issues and the cookbook world. Find out her secrets to keeping off the pounds and why food is directly related to your mental health.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Michel Pascal

Michel Pascal

Interview With Michel Pascal

Michel Pascal | Simple and Quick Meditations to Rid Yourself of Daily Stress

Are you stressed out in your daily life? Have you ever been curious about meditation but don't know where to begin? Michel Pascal, the famous spiritual teacher and writer, who lived for many years in the Kopan Monastery in the Himalayas, explains simple and effoencint techniques you can use to quickly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch

Interview With Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch | Interview with Neale Donald Walsch

We all harbor anger towards a person we feel has done us wrong. But how do we forgive someone who has caused us deep pain? I got the chance to ask the creator of the bestselling series Conversations with God. Neale Donald Walsch's books have been translated into 37 languages. His profound message -- there is no such thing as forgiveness -- made me rethink my whole approach to helping people heal from some of their most tender wounds. And, it healed one of mine.

Unscripted with Nell Daly

Nell Daly

Reading from Neale Donald Walsch's Children's Book

Nell Daly | How to Forgive, Part 1. An Excerpt From A Children's Book, The Little Soul and The Sun that Changed My Life by Neale Donald Walsh

Learning to forgive others is a major part of the healing process. But how do we forgive what, at times, feels unforgivable? Join me as I read a passage from a prolific and profound American writer that suggests those who have hurt us are some of our greatest spiritual teachers, and in fact, we may have asked them, in another dimension, to do just what they have done.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Niyi Sobo

Niyi Sobo

What Should You Do When People Don't Believe In Your Dreams

Niyi Sobo | What Should You DO When People Don't Believe in Your Dreams? A Conversation on Staying True to Yourself with a Former NFL Star

We all have them, the naysayers in our lives, the friends and family members and bosses that shoot our ideas down instead of building us up. How has Niyi, former NFL player, how have I pushed against the resistance? Get you shot together, communicate your plan and if that doesn't bring them around, it may just be time to say goodbye.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Larry Yatch

Larry Yatch

Part 2: A Navy Seal Mindset

Larry Yatch | Part 2: The Key to Success is Self-Regulation

Don't be ruled by your emotions, your negative thoughts or a weak physical state. Former Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, explains the concept of self regulation and how mastering it leads to success in any endeavor.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Larry Yatch

Larry Yatch

Part 1: A Navy Seal Mindset

Larry Yatch | Part 1: A Navy Seal Mindset: Fear, Courage and Perseverance

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of Navy Seal? In this inspiring interview, Larry Yatch tells us his personal story and how he became obsessed with figuring out what makes some of us succeed and some of us fail. It's all about mindset theory.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Emily Morse

Erin Elizabeth

An Investigative Piece

Erin Elizabeth | Have Over 60 Holistic Doctors Been Murdered in The United States in the Last 24 Months?

In just over 20 months, over 60 holistic doctors and researchers in the United States have died -- many under mysterious circumstances -- leaving families and some of us in the medical community wondering if foul play is involved. On today's episode I share one "accidental" reporter's journey; a woman named Erin Elizabeth -- who started out with a healthy lifestyle blog -- but ended up exposing, perhaps, a dark underworld of foul play.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Emily Morse

Emily Morse

Sex, Intimacy, and Relationships

Emily Morse | On Eros; An Explicit Conversation About Sex, Intimacy, Our Bodies and Tips for Better Communication In Bed

Sexual wellness is an imperative part of overall human health. Many doctors and therapists aren't trained to talk about sex with their patients. Emily Morse -- nationally recognized sex therapist and media maven -- and I discuss why we're still, as a society, so shy when it comes to talking about sex. Then, we delve right into what we think will help listeners the most, answering questions that range from communication techniques to what enhances pleasure.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Terry Real

Terry Real

Economic Instability and Women's Emgpowerment

Terry Real | Economic Instability and Women's Empowerment Has Left Men Grappling to Redefine Themselves and Changed the Rules of Marriage

The loss of jobs across America and a rapidly changing social landscape has left men, in particular, with a lack of identity which changes the dynamics in marriages and influences the political landscape, as seen in the last election. Special guest, Terry Real -- internationally recognized speaker, author, and renown couples therapist -- shares his vision of American men and the future.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Elizabeth Lesser

Elizabeth Lesser

The Phoenix Process

Elizabeth Lesser | When We're Broken Open by A Loss We Can Choose to Shut Down or Rise Up Into Something More Beautiful

I talk about one of the most difficult times in my life and the book that carried me through -- Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser. As my special guest on today's episode, Elizabeth -- one of the foremost authors on spirituality in the Western Hemisphere and co-founder of the Omega Institute -- teaches us there're gifts and lessons found in grief which transform and push us to evolve. We also touch on the insights she shares in her latest book, Marrow, about surviving the death of her sister.

Unscripted with Nell Daly featuring Sudjev Jackson

Sukhdev Jackson

Suidice, Addiction & Divine Feminine

Sukhdev Jackson | Suicide, Addiction and What the Rise of the Divine Feminine Really Means

Sukhdev Jackson is a world famous musician and a Kundalini yoga teacher. In today's episode we explain the history of Kundalini, why, once again, meditation is crucial to our well-being, "the rise of the divine feminine" and what the adi shakti is all about. In this open hearted conversation, Sukhdev tells us how she found her life's calling--helping people, especially women--let go of their past and self-limiting beliefs so they can step into their power.

Dr. Eben Alexander

Dr. Eben Alexander

Is There Proof of Heaven Out There?

Dr. Eben Alexander | Near Death Experiences and the Latest Science Behind Consciousness

Dr. Eben Alexander is a world class neurosurgeon who, in 2008, was declared brain dead. A man of hard conventional science with no belief in God, Eben was completely transformed by his near death experience; a journey through the afterlife which he writes about in his New York Times bestselling book Proof of Heaven. Join us as we discuss consciousness, reincarnation, meditation and how science, physics and the field or medicine are being completely transformed by discoveries centered around spirituality.

Mac McClelland

Mac McClelland

The Psychedelic Miracle Drug

Mac McClelland | What's Ayahuasca? My Personal Experience Revealed.

In this episode, I risk my professional reputation once again. Mac and I bond over ayahuasca and MDMA. She steps up to the mic to talk about her book Irritable Hearts (about her own struggle with PTSD after an assault while on a foreign assignment) and her recent expose for RollingStone magazine -- apparently there's an underground network of therapists and doctors who treat patients with hallucinogens, not to mention studies taking place at top American universities on the use of psychedelics to treat addiction, PTSD and depression.

Larry Hagner

Larry Hagner

On The Minds of Men

Larry Hagner | What's On the Minds of Men?

This episode is for men and the women who love them. Larry Hagner -- speaker, author, host and founder -- tells me his life story; an incredibly moving tale of loss and resilience and how that lead him to start The Good Dad Project, an online community of thousands of men who come together to talk about all the issues that men face in America today, but usually suffer with in silence.

Jill Willard

Jill Willard

Becoming More Intuitive

Jill Willard | How Do You Become A More Intuitive Being?

The medium and author of the book Intuitive Being, Jill Willard -- featured in GOOP, Vanity Fair and Elle -- illuminates the intimate connection between our inner voice and spirit. She teaches us, step-by-step, how to access that powerful inner and outer world in order to live a more spiritually guided intentional life.

Nell Daly

Nell Daly

Secret & Obsession

Nell Daly | My Secret & Obsession with The Light

Have you ever heard of consciousness? Or stages of Enlightenment? In this episode I'll tell you a story that I've been warned could discredit me from the medical community.

Dr. Julie Holland

Nell Daly

On Birth Control

Nell Daly | On Birth Control and 16 Year Old GIrls

In this bonus episode, as a follow up to my interview wit Dr. Julie Holland, I crack the birth control pill conversation open one more inch and ask us to remember our own stories of being put on the pill as young women, and what we felt. I ask you to reconsider this prescriptive protocol for the sake of our daughters.

Dr. Julie Holland

Dr. Julie Holland

Behind The Pills

Dr. Julie Holland | Behind the Pills You're Taking

Are you a woman (or with a woman) who doesn't have a sex drive? Or, are you a woman who takes an antidepressant or a benzo to get through the day? We've all pretty much been there, so no pill shaming here. In today's episode I go toe-to-toe with pioneering psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland. We talk shop about what happens to women's bodies when we medicate them and how our natural moods actually make us awesome.

Francis Weller

Francis Weller

Coping with Grief

Francis Weller | Coping with Sorrow and Grief

Everyone has faced loss: a breakup, death of a loved one, divorce, a huge professional setback. In the West, we are programmed to avoid or numb our pain with things like alcohol, shopping, food, endless hours on social media or sex. In today's episode, one of the most profound spiritual thinkers of our time, Francis Weller, explains to us the value of facing our fears and grief while staying conscious.

Unscripted with Nell Daly

Nell Daly

The Big Switch

Nell Daly | The Big Switch

Nell Daly, an Ivy-league educated conventionally trained psychotherapist, nationally recognized television commentator and single mother of three wakes up, one day, to the fact that she's been actively taking part in something corrupt and tragic for years -- the over medication of our society. This is the back story behind Unscripted and a teaser of what's to come

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